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Coalstoun Lakes Australia's Next Food Bowl

Perfect Soil - Just Add Water

Perfect Soil

Coalstoun Lakes is home to some of the most fertile volcanic soils found in South East Queensland and relys on seasonal rain.

Just Add Water

Increasing productivity and the success of the Coalstoun Lakes based agriculture depends on a reliable water supply

Food Bowl

A reliable permanent water source can turn Coalstoun Lakes into Australia’s next Food Bowl

Water from Paradise

Water is available from Paradise Dam which uses only 11% of capacity and is looking to become sustainable

Coalstoun Lakes can be the 60,000 Megalitre Customer which validates the ongoing need for Paradise Dam and bring significant economic and social benefits to the Wide Bay Region.

A Regional Win Win

Bringing water from Paradise Dam to the Coalstoun Lakes Irrigation Area is a win for the entire region. Beyond making both Paradise Dam and Coalstoun Lakes sustainable the town of Biggenden could be supplied with water and pipeline expansions could take Paradise Dam water to the South Burnett and the Fraser Coast


There is 140GL of surplus water in Paradise Dam and its upstream catchment. A potentially secure access to sufficient water at an economic price to support and expand irrigation development of high value crops in Coalstoun Lakes.


Agricultural Water Security leads to follow on economic development across the entire region which positively impacts not only businesses relying on or related to Agriculture but leading to economic development across the board.


Enhanced water access and increased water security is set to deliver significant economic and social benefits to our local communities with more families finding a sustainable future in our region.


8% of the 125,000 jobs in our region are in agriculture. Every Mega Litre in use by agriculture is matched by 0.07 jobs in the  sector. More water means more available work places for our residents.

Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

Making Water Affordable

Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES) is a method of STORING power by pumping water from a lower storage to an elevated pondage at off peak energy cost and using that volume to generate power during peak load periods and feed back into the grid at a higher price. 

Water Transfer and Hydro Storage Study

A sustainable Coalstoun Lakes Farming Community leads to a sustainable Paradise Dam operation


Pumped Hydro Energy Storage can help control the effective cost of transporting water.


Renewing Biggenden’s aging town water supply within the same project


Sustainable Development needs to meet bi partisan long term political commitment to the region.


The Secret of Success

An integrated bulk water pipeline and PHES project using a P-P-P finance and ownership model with the objective of enhancing water security and economic development including a $1BN increase in GRP and a 5% employment increase


170km bi-directional pipeline from Paradise Dam to Coalstoun Lakes via Didcot and Fick’s Crossing and connecting with the Tarong pipeline at the Elwood Rd relift station.


Integration of 160MW of Pumped Hydro Energy Storage capacity to offset pumping costs and access private investment capital.


Additional State Water Revenues of around $40M/yr and other implicit fiscal recoveries of $170M


Estimated Capital Expenditure is $350 million with an ROE of 24% for the project. Water Revenues of around 40 million per year.

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