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Media Release 25/9/2019

Media Release 25/9/2019

Coalstoun Lakes Development Group (CLDG) supports the State Governments recent decision to reduce the water level in Paradise Dam to enable a detailed inspection of its integrity and make it safer for downstream communities. The problems with the dam can be traced back to shortcuts in the design and construction phases of the dam’s development in 2005 and require a permanent resolution to avoid flood risks downstream of the dam.

CLDG Chair Steve Marshall said “we would prefer to see the dam repaired to its original capacity, the option of reducing the dam capacity by 5 metres is a betteroutcome than more significant reductions by as much as 17.5 metres. The ‘Just Add Water’ project is viable with this level of reduction as it includes significant off-stream storage capacity and offers a sound basis to recover the costs of dam safety upgrade through increased utilisation for a range of uses including irrigation, urban and industrial uses”.

The project offers the Biggenden- Coalstoun Lakes communities the opportunity to transform to a more sustainable and vibrant economic base.

It would also increase the total amount of storage capacity in the region potentially improving water security for the benefit of Biggenden and Coalstoun Lakes communities as well as downstream water users.

CLDG is seeking a meeting with Sunwater and the State government to detail thepotential benefits of the Just Add Water project to the wider Wide Bay community. The group would welcome any opportunity to contribute to the independent review into Paradise Dam announced by Minister Dr Anthony Lynham on 26th September.At a time when much of the country is in drought, utilisation of precious water resources is a moral and financial imperative.

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